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Leather and maintains

What kind of leather does Label 88 use? 

An important question because leather is there in different kinds. For example, there is suede, nubuck, patent leather, leather with an imprint, calf leather, cow leather, metalic leather and there are more and more types of leather. Label•88 has chosen to go back to a type of leather where the durability of the material is most apparent, vegetable tanned leather.

Leather is naturally a durable material, but over the years, much has happened to the tanning process, many leather is tanned with chemicals. This is obviously not good for the environment, which is why Label•88 only uses vegetable tanned leather. The tannery Label•88 cooperates with is specialized in vegetable-tanned leather and is very conscious of the environment where the tannery is located, they are active in various projects related to nature conservation.

But what is vegetable tanned leather?  

Environmentally friendly vegetable tanned leather has the following properties;

How do I maintain my Label•88 bag? 

Should I treat my Label•88 bag against rain? If so, how? 

Yes, you can. You can spray your bag, but honestly, it's not necessary, and if you really want it to work, you should keep doing it regularly. The leather we use only gets more beautiful with use, through friction and natural greases it develops a natural protective layer with deep colour nuances. If you have been using your bag for a long time and it is starting to get a dull colour, a little bit of leather grease will work wonders.

Are there any disadvantages to vegetable-tanned leather?

Label•88 says no! But fair is fair; yes is the answer to this question! Vegetable-tanned leather is colored with natural materials, which means that the leather may discolor, lighten by sunlight and darken by friction. For Label•88 this is an advantage! Nothing more beautiful than leather that shows its natural beauty in use.

Is there anything I should take into account when using my Label•88 bag?

Yes, it's like a new pair of dark jeans, dark colours may give off light colours in the beginning of use. This is mainly due to small loose fibers, moisture and friction and will disappear after use. Should you find it annoying, it helps to wipe your bag with a soft dry cloth.

If you still have questions about our vegetable tanned leather and how to use and/or treat it, please let us know.

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